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Interview Exclusive Fredrik Malmberg

Article de Patrice Louinet
Posté le mer. 27 mai 2015 à 23H24 (Edité par Patrice Louinet le jeu. 28 mai 2015 à 07H23)

Interview Fredrik Malmberg / English version

MalmbergFredrik Malmberg very graciously agreed to answer a few questions from the French Howard fans, on the heels of Cabinet Holdings’ recent taking over Paradox. The interview was conducted today, 26 May. The latest info on the real (This ain’t TheArnoldFans...) whereabouts of the Conan movie are just down this page. A huge thanks to Mr. Malmberg for giving robert-e-howard.fr his first interview after the purchase of the Howard rights.

Robert-e-Howard.fr : So, what can you tell us about what happened between Paradox and Cabinet Holdings ?

Fred Malmberg: We are excited about the deal and starting the process of integrating the business with our other operations. It’s a portfolio of legacy characters and IP and for me personally, it also reunites me with some IP that I was part of creating.

Robert-e-Howard.fr : Is this about Conan or the entire REH catalog?

Fred Malmberg: It’s the entire catalog, plus other brands like Mutant, Kult, Chronopia and Mutant Chronicles.

Robert-e-Howard.fr : Did you come to Paradox with an offer to buy, or was Paradox already in the process of selling (or wanting to)?

Fred Malmberg: After I left Paradox, there were a few people approaching me if I would be interested in running it if they bought it. I relayed the contacts to the company, who employed a corporate advisor back in June 2014 to handle such discussions, and approached other parties as well. It is my understanding that the discussions with others stalled in the fall of 2014 and we then entered into discussions which led to a cash offer which the board accepted.

Robert-e-Howard.fr : What changes, if any, can we expect now that you are in charge?

Fred Malmberg: The focus will be 100% around the IP and characters and supporting the licensing activities in a less complicated corporate environment. Decisions will hopefully be made faster and with a deeper understanding of the core business.

Robert-e-Howard.fr : Every other week or so, TheArnoldFans report that the Conan movie is happening. After so many false rumors, can you give us some hard, cold, facts about what's happening, or not?

Fred Malmberg: The fans are really supportive of the idea of this new Conan film, and have been since we announced it almost two years ago. Until we have a greenlight from the studio, there are no solid facts as we are still in the development phase. The script needs to be finished. Of course the whole team behind this project is working really hard to make it happen. That includes my producing partner Chris Morgan and his entire team, Arnold and his people, as well as Jeff Kirschenbaum and Universal who have been big supporters from the start.

Robert-e-Howard.fr : Is the Dark Agnes project buried, or is it still a possibility at this point?

Fred Malmberg: Of course it isn't buried! It's a great character and the team we have assembled is great. It's more about what our studio partner's strategic plans include. With the latest surge in female heroes (think Imperator Furiosa!) why not Dark Agnes for the screen ?

Robert-e-Howard.fr : Why can't we get a movie/tv series adapting a Howard story and not someone else's reinterpretation?

Fred Malmberg: As with every book and every story each media has different success criteria. The fun part is to explore how to be faithful and yet expansive! There are many examples like the new Sherlock series, Star Trek, Mad Max, of very successful reinterpretations. If you refer to a period pulp interpretation there may be challenges because of budget limitations.

Robert-e-Howard.fr : Did you prevent the movie “Iron Shadows” from being released, and, if yes, why?

Fred Malmberg: I was not at Paradox at the time. It is my understanding that it was an infringing unlicensed project.

Robert-e-Howard.fr : A little scoop, just for us?

Fred Malmberg: Give me a few days to digest these events and get organized, and I am sure we will find something! :)

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Réponse postée le jeu. 28 mai 2015 à 00H05 #3130
Argentium Thri'ile Webmaster Avatar Argentium Thri'ile

Et voilà, je ne me suis pas déclenché à temps et je n'ai pas eu l'opportunité de poser mes questions qui fâchent à Fredo...
Tant pis...

Par contre, très accessoirement, j'ai été surpris de constater que non content de racheter les droits de Howard, il avait aussi récupérer la (quasi?) totalité du catalogue de licence de Paradox, y compris Mutant Chronicles. Du coup, je me pose un peu la question, que reste-t-il à Paradox ???

Réponse postée le jeu. 28 mai 2015 à 01H01 #3132
Visiteur Anonyme Visiteur Avatar Visiteur Anonyme

Patrice Louinet, avez-vous pu lire le scénario de Dark Agnes par Christophe Gans et Sandra Vo-Ahn ? Si oui, il vous a plu ? Pourriez-vous interviewer Gans à ce sujet ou c'est compliqué ou inintéressant ?

Bizarre qu'ils n'arrivent pas à terminer le scénario du nouveau Conan...depuis 3 ans quand même.

Yorgo Gridel

Réponse postée le jeu. 28 mai 2015 à 01H05 #3133
Patrice Louinet Administrateur Avatar Patrice Louinet

Je ne l'ai pas lu, mais je connais pas mal de choses sur le script, la fin, etc. De ce que je sais, et étant donné qu'il est impossible d'adapter la ou les nouvelles, car bien trop courtes, ce serait la première fois qu'on aurait une adaptation fidèle d'un personnage de Howard au cinéma.

Réponse postée le dim. 13 nov. 2016 à 21H12 #4102
lapointe Membre Avatar lapointe

Quelques jours qui sont devenue quelques mois! Et ce printemps vont devenir quelques années. (en fait, DEUX)

J’imagine qu’il a eu certains développement depuis cette entrevue?!

Des infos quelqu’un????

«En règle générale, les hommes civilisés sont plus malpolis que les sauvages car ils savent qu'ils peuvent se montrer grossiers sans se faire fendre le crâne pour autant.» (Robert E. Howard)

Réponse postée le sam. 03 déc. 2016 à 15H49 #4132
Visiteur Anonyme Visiteur Avatar Visiteur Anonyme

Le studio Universal n'aurait plus les droits pour faire un film sur le roi Conan depuis septembre 2016; le nouveau big boss du studio doit s'en foutre.
J'aimerais une série télé dans le style Spartacus de Starz, un King Conan stories, avec Schwarzenegger en roi Conan qui raconterait ses histoires à un scribe, l'on verrai donc aussi un jeune Conan. Une série télé doit être moins coûteuse à produire et doit être moins risquée en terme de rentabilité, donc je ne comprends pas qu'aucune chaîne télé américaine s'embarque là-dedans, vu le succès de Game of thrones.



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